Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What if..

What if we would never grow up? 
What if we would always find wonderous joy in things our grown up brains don't notice anymore - like raindrops?
Think about it - there is water coming down from the sky! 
Just..buckets and buckets and buckets! How weird is that?
..and then sometimes, when these raindrops freeze on the way, they make snowflakes!
The prettiest most delicate things that melt away the moment you touch them; each one unique, just suddenly appearing in front of you, here - a snowflake..
In the middle of a normal everyday fuzz, life gives us a glimpse of "magic".
 It's all around. All the time. Life is it - life is "magic".
It's a curious world and you once knew it. Once. Before your brain "grew up". 
Now you just need to remember again - a world full wonder.

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