Thursday, March 28, 2013


Sometimes I feel like I have something inside me that needs to be said out loud, needs to be shared; just needs to get out there and start a life of it's own.. It's an inspiration to inspire somebody. To bring a sunny smile into someone's gloomy routine. I started this blog with a small post that I came across on my facebook wall and found it worth spreading and remembering. There is such wonderful things out there. Such inspiring deeds and jaw-dropping amazingness and thought provoking ideas. The page here is dedicated to those things - to the wandering wonders that are all around us.. and maybe not as noticed as they should be. Things we should try to think about more often and try not to forget, things that should make us smile and warm our hearts and make us realize something we never realized before. Small things that are not so small after all..

EDIT: During the year I have had this blog, the orientation of it has slightly shifted. I have found myself gathering also thoughts and bits and pieces from here and there across the "interweb" that I find inspiring and would like to turn back to now and then, when I feel lack of inspiration or a bit under the weather. There are amazing people around us, each with their uniqueness and inspirations and fears and achievements. We are worth remembering.

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