Friday, March 29, 2013


"There is no one in the world whose desires are always fulfilled, in whose life everything happens according to his or her wishes, without anything unwanted happening."

Yes - these things happen. Life is about all kinds of experiences. We are all the same in the eyes of misery, and as a feeling,  it can overpower each and every one of us, the rich and poor, black and white, babe and old and cripple and healthy. We all have our miseries and frustrations.
But more and more I've come to a realization - as many external factors and patterns that unexpectedly or constantly affect our existence can be taken as facts of life and hence there isn't much we could usually do about them, we DO have immediate access to our feelings and how we CHOOSE to react to those FEELINGS. It's not about trying to bend the physical reality because we don't personally like any of the factors, it's about building a reality inside YOU that's aware and unbendable for you have the vision to see beyond the wall of reactions and observe things for what they truly are. Things just are. It's a flow of existence. That's it - nothing more and nothing less. All we can do as people is try to cope with that and make our existence full of feelings that we'd want to be there.We all have our methods to reach that. But I would just like to type it out clear an simple - happiness is a choice.
You can choose to be happy in this day, here and now, and none other, because life is happening now. It's not a preparation towards something.. something bigger. This is it. Now.
The endless flow of tomorrows is growing shorter, step by step, with each breath you take. How do you want to look back on your life one day? Yes, it was hard - but there is always, always, always something to be happy about. Every day tiny magical things happen and they are all around us. Smiles, colors, sensations, sounds, kind words, lucky chances..Let them be part of your existence as well, just as all the issues we come across on our paths.

This is the link to the page where following thoughts and sentences are from. It's long but if you have the time and interest, it's worth reading:

Burying the negativity in the unconscious will not eradicate it, and allowing it to manifest as unwholesome physical or vocal actions will only create more problems. But if you just observe, then the defilement passes away and you are free of it.
This sounds wonderful, but is it really practical? It’s not easy to face one’s own impurities. When anger arises, it so quickly overwhelms us that we don’t even notice. Then, overpowered by anger, we perform physical or vocal actions which harm ourselves and others. 
Later, when the anger has passed, we start crying and repenting, begging pardon from this or that person or from God: “Oh, I made a mistake, please excuse me!” But the next time we are in a similar situation, we again react in the same way. This continual repenting doesn’t help at all.

 This is the culmination of the teaching of the Buddha: self-purification by self-observation. It can be practiced by one and all. Everyone faces the problem of suffering. It is a universal malady which requires a universal remedy, not a sectarian one. When one suffers from anger, it’s not Buddhist anger, Hindu anger, or Christian anger. Anger is anger. When one becomes agitated as a result of this anger, this agitation is not Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim. The malady is universal.

This direct experience of our own inner reality, this technique of self-observation, is what is called Vipassana meditation. In the language of India in the time of the Buddha, passana meant seeing in the ordinary way, with one’s eyes open; but vipassana is observing things as they actually are, not just as they appear to be. Apparent truth has to be penetrated, until we reach the ultimate truth of the entire psycho-physical structure. When we experience this truth, then we learn to stop reacting blindly, to stop creating negativities—and naturally the old ones are gradually eradicated. We become liberated from misery and experience true happiness.

This is what the Buddha taught: an art of living. He never established or taught any religion, any “ism”. He never instructed those who came to him to practice any rites or rituals, any empty formalities. Instead, he taught them just to observe nature as it is, by observing the reality inside. Out of ignorance we keep reacting in ways which harm ourselves and others. But when wisdom arises—the wisdom of observing reality as it is—this habit of reacting falls away. When we cease to react blindly, then we are capable of real action—action proceeding from a balanced mind, a mind which sees and understands the truth. Such action can only be positive, creative, helpful to ourselves and to others.

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