Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do YOU LOVE to do?

do you 
go about 
 finding out 
you would
to do? 

Confucius, the über wise man himself, put the truth down in a nice quote that sounds easy enough.

Some hints to go by: How would you fill your days if you were a millionaire? What would you pay to do? Look at your book collection, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and credit card statements. Notice any themes? What do you love to talk about, learn about, and/or teach others about? Is there anything you never seem to shut up about? Quit talking and start doing!

Your dream will latently follow you for the rest of your life. 
Your choice is whether to pursue it now or run the risk of having serious regrets later on.
 Passion can’t be found in your head because it lives in your heart. Remember, our passions are often irrational and war with logic and reason. The endless and debilitating chatter in our minds often tries to talk us out of what our hearts are yearning to explore. Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. 
Engage yourself in things that make you go tingling inside, with the things that make you feel in the zone! Even though you may feel silly at first, you might be afraid, you might find it pointless - it's always worth it in the end. Spend the days of your life how you would wish to see them looking back on it in the end. The things you did, how you did them, for who you did them and why you did them - 
was it worth it?

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