Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carpe diem!

Sometimes good things fall apart, so you could build better things for tomorrow. 
Life must go on - it's our choice if we drag along looking down in the dust, or keep our heads up high and enjoy the ride. In the end, that's what it is - just a ride. We live and we die and everybody has been given a certain amount of days, of experiences, in between. Don't fear a life that's changing! Fear a life unlived. Most people lead safe lives, set lives; most people don't take chances; most people merely exist, that is all. Go out there and do something extraordinary! Live! Take a chance! Feel! Trust in life! Enjoy the ride - it's here for you and it won't last forever! You are stronger than you think and the world is more amazing than you can possibly imagine.. but not taking the first step, you'll never find out. 
The saddest thing in this world is a life unlived - a "what if" in the end of it.
So smile, and don't wish away your days for better ones to come. 
Life is happening NOW!

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