Sunday, June 22, 2014

Move past the metaphore

"Get ready to think! You're gonna use your brains!!"

Essentially education is about communication and coperation, not competition. It is about creating independent minds, not producing products following the factory model. We need to inspire our kids to think for themselves, not spoonfeed them ready-made exercises with ready-made answers. Transmitting information must be done in a way that is productive and meaningful and encouraging. Our teachers, first, need to get the confidence to be the inspiration, not just the transmitter.  Teaching is about caring and making the kid understand. It's more important to get the kids really learning something, not just "getting the work done". 
Kids nowadays don't see school as an opportunity, but rather an obligation. And when they finally step out from the system as ready-made graduates, they find themselves completely lost... And that's sad.

Essentially everyone's target is to have life that's fulfilling, to truly become a better  person and contribute to the society the best way they can. To make it a better place. For everyone.
To live and be happy.

"If you wanna change the world, change the metaphore." (Joseph Campbell)
It's time to move past the factory-metaphore!
What's your metaphore for eduacation?

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