Friday, July 4, 2014

A different perspective on reality

Russel Brand:
One's reality is a result of their intention and attention.
 Reality is what we can apportion through the limited instruments of the senses.
Consciousness is an amorphous and expanding entity. If we allow our cosnciousness to be prohibited by our senses, prescribed by our senses, living the realm of these five apertures is our reality. But reality is limitless, space is infinite, time eternal. The idea of self and reality are temporary illusions.
Technically speaking we are just atoms endowed with consciousness for the merest moments in infinite space. We are by nature spiritual beings - if we don't have access to spirituality,
 we suffer as individuals and society suffers.We are all basically the same as one another, we are all connected to each other and we all have a collective responsibility.
In essence, people are good - whenever there is a disaster, our natural instinct is to help each other. anyone that galvanizes people, brings people together and points people toward the better aspects of our nature and helps us to overcome our basic things like fear and desire - these people are worthy heroes. Rather than the low vibrational frequency heroes that are nominated today 
and who make us concentrate on dark stuff.
Our goal as modern human beings should be to look beyond the superficial and not to forget what really is important; it's time to aim for a higher level of consciousness. Take responsibility.
Wouldn't we all prefer to live in a culture which didnt't stimulate, encourage and celebrate the most negative aspects of our species - selfishness, lustfulness, greed, egotism, ignorance etc?

Love, compassion, tolerance.

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