Thursday, July 31, 2014

What are you here for?

You ask,
 "What am I here for?"
 I tell you, find out what you are NOT here for. 

 You are not here to blame.
 You are not here to cry. 
You are not here to sleep. 
You are not here to boast. 
You are not here to fight. 
You are not here to be angry. 
You are not here to be miserable. 
You are not here to worry. 

 When you follow fun, misery follows you... 
When you follow Knowledge, fun follows you. 

 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,
 from "Celebrating Silence"

...while I was looking for a picture for this post, I typed in "silence" as a keyword. As a result, most of the pictures that came up were gray and had something eerie about them. Why is that our society is so afraid of silence? Why is that the first connotation of that natural state of quietness is that something must be lurking IN the silence? Silence should be peace and clarity. Ability to breathe and rest your mind.. But something creepy has found a nest in the hidden layers of our collective minds. When in the end there is only you - you and the silence. Face it. Lean to know it and embrace it. You will be that much stronger for it. When we surpass our fears, other things have room to come forth.

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