Thursday, September 11, 2014

Don't forget that you are awesome.

When we are young, we have an awesome imagination. We do all kinds of things with enthusiasm and passion and no one really tells us: "Hey! You suck at it!", so we go on believing we are awesome. That's when you really come up with some really fresh ideas, they just keep popping up uncontrollably, and you keep on going because you have a passion for it, an untamed curiosity. 
At some point you are bound to get really-really good at what you do.
Take a risk, stay true to yourself. Work your ass off. Question things.
 Stand out. Face confrontation. Get better. Embrace who you really are. 
 We are only limited by our own fear which is caused by the labels that other people throw around. Do the things you have a passion for 
and it will shine through everything you do! 
Passion and belief in what you do is that little teeny-tiny factor X that will make you stand out, 
that will make your life worthwhile, full of meaning and satisfaction. 
Find that inner kid and ask what was their passion. And then go out there and do it. 
Don't forget that you are awesome. 
And don't let anybody tell you any different.
Great things are going to happen 
when you find your inner awesomeness.
You already have all the tools you need.

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