Sunday, September 21, 2014

Phantom limbs of superpower

"In the area of design we still don't understand how to attach devices to the body mechanically. It's extrordinary that in this day and age one of the oldest, mature technologies in human timeline - the shoe - still gives us blisters! How can this be? We have no idea how to attach things to our bodies!

Imagine if our clothes and shoes were not designed and manufactured using artists and strategy, but rather data driven quantitative framefronts - in that future our shoes would no longer give us blisters. If we designed our clothing to be stiff and soft whereever needed, whenever needed, our clothing would be not only aesthetic covering but would support our abilitites and disabilities. We're beginning an age in which machines attached to our bodies will make us stronger and faster and more efficient. Imagine if what you wore could mirror YOUR body tissue perfectly - you would never feel dicomfort again. And that would be only the beginning."

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