Monday, September 22, 2014

The word

 "I need a new word for „love“. This one doesn’t begin to cover all that I want to say.
 It feels raw and overused. It rings back slightly hollow. And I want to say something so tender it almost breaks your heart, and something so strong that would make you physically shake, and something so timeless that you would learn to know everyhting that ever existed and then forget all about it again with a blink of an eye... I need something that would squeeze you like hugs and make you feel safe, and burn you like desperate kisses of a last goodbye... something that would drift you away, somewhere where you would find me, always..until the end of time, we’d have a place for us.

...but, for now, we have the word for it. Love. The secret code of all lovers who have vowed the word to each other countless times, since the beginning of all beginnings. The word which has promised so much, to so many. The word which embodies all hopes and dreams. The word. The word which wouldn’t have any meaning, if there wasn’t anybody who could fill those four letters with all the happiness of the universe.

 We do share the code. But it’s not in the word. 
It’s in what we see when we are together, and in what we feel when the whole world around us
 has disappeared."

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