Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Walking your mind off

Stop thinking. Empty your brain and just pay attention. Try it! See what happens!

Try walking. Without a direction. Just go. Walking clears your mind.

Most likely your senses are gonna start picking up lots of things 
and you are gonna feel your body, somehow, just moving through space. 
The whole reality around you will shift. 
You don't know what to expect and you have no expectations.

People passing by; the whole spectrum of a lifetime - happy people, crying people, fashionable people, young people, kissing people, old people, sick people, family people, laughing people...
Everybody is there. 
Just like you.
their lives.

 Most likely,
sooner or later,
 you are gonna stop to stare at something
 and your inner you
just can't help being all:
 "Ah!! That is really-really fantastic! I've never noticed this before!". 

It's for moments like this. 
To have them more often in our lives. 
Shut down your brain. 
For now.
And see what happens.

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