Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fairytale realities

Fairytales are mental cultural realities. 
Their structures and identities only exist in the consciousness 
of a person, and reflect the paradigms that rule us as a whole. 

In every day life
 we move around and gather information relying on our senses,
 after which the collected data travels to our brain
 and gets "translated" in the frames 
of existing knowledge and experience available to us at that moment.
Everything we see or know or experience is a result of a social package 
and always an interpretation (!) of reality.
There are millions and millions of realities out there,
 each and every one of them a construction
 built in the patterns already set ahead by those who came before us.

It's what you know and choose to see 
that builds your reality
that is uniquely your own.

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